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What Makes Skype Survive the Competition?

Skype, the most popular video communication app on the internet, has managed to remain at the top for a number of years and is still going strong, despite the huge competition in this field.
Skype has not only successfully launched a smartphone compatible app for the same video chatting feature, but has also effectively integrated social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter into the app. This has made it more functional and useful. With that, Skype has not just succeeded in retaining its older users but has also attracted a large number of new users who are now quite fond of the app.
Skype’s continuous run as the top video chatting app is attributed to two main reasons that follow:
Established Brand Name
The Skype app was launched with great innovation and at a time when there was very less competition in the social media circles. It was immensely successful in capturing people’s interest as it made video chatting very easy and simple for everyone. Now people could connect with their friends and loved ones around the globe, just by using their internet connection and a webcam. This was a novel idea that had not properly been implemented before and it struck a chord immediately. Many people took to Skype.
On top of this, Skype’s buyout by Microsoft, the leading software producing company, gave a great thrust to the app. Now it became even more efficient and user friendly, using Microsoft’s resources, experience and superior technology. The already established trust of people in Microsoft played in Skype’s favor and they started the new Microsoft backed product. Upon using it, users discovered that it was not only a great app but also provided a great way of communicating and staying in touch with others around the world. It is a cost-effective and easy way of communication, and hence people are much glued to it.
Social Integration
The app has kept pace with the changing world and technology and has revamped itself with the changing times. It has integrated social media sites like Facebook and Twitter so that users can directly update from their Skype home and post updates from there. This has been a very significant change for the app as it has brought social media, instant messaging and video communication within one bracket. It is also possible for people to chat with their Facebook friends in the same Skype window and manage their updates. Interesting as it sounds, this added the novelty factor to Skype as compared to other apps, which do not have these features all under one umbrella.
These are two main reasons why Skype survived the times as one of the best social communication apps in the market and continued to have loyal users. With more changes being made, it is likely that improved features would be added to the app, which in turn will attract more people in the future.

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