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The 20 Biggest Mistakes you never noticed on screen

"When the directors of the greatest classics can't pay attention to everything, you notice itright away!"

Obviously, special effects, action scenes, details, everything has its importance to writers and directors.
But it is sometimes difficult to have control over absolutely everything that happens in the scene.

Imagine that, 200 extras to manage, cameras on every side, a budget that weighs on their shoulders ... filmmakers are often totally overwhelmed.

Do not panic, even if it is often small details, nobody will ever resent them, but the eye of the professional does not fail to notice those little things that shouldn't have happened.

Anachronism, cameraman in the field, change of props between shots ... enjoy yourself with the Buzger selection of the biggest mistakes in your favorite movies!

The cameraman might get cursed!

 She just wanted to see the ship...

The wall has disappeared.

Gandalf is such a magician that he wears a watch!

Are you eating croissant or pancake?

Brad Pitt changes dish.

Spider man breaks a lamp that reappears.

The stairs change from scene to scene.

Now we understand what's going on.

Where did that table cloth come from?

Mind your head!

Here is a magical bottle.

Where do you want to shoot ?

Harry Potter had time to change shirt.

Jack isn't dressed the same.

Dorothee had lost her red shoes.

Hum sir, could you move away ?

Oh I am going to wear a necklace now.

What are C3PO and R2D2 doing in this temple?

Magical folder!

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