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FIFA World Cup'14: Footballers' wacky hairstyles

World Cup has always been the perfect stage for footballers to debut wacky hairstyles. We pick the best from Brazil. When it comes to debuting hairstyles at the football World Cup, Mario Balotelli has always been a trendsetter. 

A tight conventional mohawk in place, he has, down the years, experimented with colours, patterns and even hieroglyphs. His latest, the sides of his head shaved to fashion intricate tribal patterns, was tweeted by him earlier this year.

Style? Or is that a desperate attempt to camouflage his dramatic hairloss? Whatever be the reason for that baffling hairstyle of the former Gooner Gervinho, the poor man has been hearing no end to it. Fellow Ivory Coast playmates even pointed to the attacker, who joined Roma last season, when asked about the best looking man in the team. Even Sheldon Cooper couldn't have ignored that kind of sarcasm!

Kyle Beckerman's earliest inspiration was Bob Marley. Hairstyle-wise. He dreaded the thought of combing his curly and knotty hair as a child. But his mum would make sure he did. So, once he started living alone, with no mum to run behind him with a comb, his trademark dreadlocks took shape. And now that he is ready to make his World Cup debut as a US midfielder, we're sure his unruly mane will make as much noise as his antics on the field.

And you thought David Luiz is a fan of Sideshow Bob? Nah! His moppy hairstyle is not inspired by The Simpsons villain but is just a consequence of his laziness. Days spent in the winter of Portugal was too much shock for this Brazilian, who decided against going out in the cold to get a haircut. A rather happy consequence, we must say, given that this Chelsea star's distinctive hairstyle is a hit with the fans.

Braids, cornrows, highlights and mop-knots apart, when Benoit Assou-Ekotto lets his hair down, he lets his hair down big! Seeing this QPR defender running through the field with that fuzz of hair trailing behind, it almost reminds one of a hurricane! Affectionately known as Disco Benny, his super size afro is one big reason for his soaring coolness quotient.


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