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Easy ways to fight dandruff

Dandruff can be a big problem area for males as they tend to ignore proper hair grooming.

So are you having trouble keeping dandruff at bay? Not being able to wear your favourite black suit due to dry scalp related problems? Then here's something you can do to keep dandruff away.

Problem area
Men usually undermine the gravity of taking proper hair care. Dandruff is not only a problem for those who ignore washing their hair regularly, but can happen to those who over do as the scalp goes dry due to over use of shampoos or other hair grooming products, or even using too much oil on a daily basis which can be a typical male habit.

How to tackle it
The best way to tackle dandruff is to balance out hair care. Take shampoos that are free SLS free (SLS is the ingredient that causes lather) because they will not cause drying of your scalp or cause irritation in the skin. Sometimes the problem is not related to lack of care or proper grooming and dandruff could occur due to fungal infection. So if proper care doesn't reduce your problem then refer to your dermatologist.

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