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Candy Crush Saga – Beat Hard Levels With Ease – 2014 Tricks

Candy Crush Saga is a very popular game for iOS and Android devices. However, this game can be very frustrating at hard levels and instead of enjoying it, you will start hating it. Today we’re going to give you some tips on how to “pass” those hard levels with ease.
Match the candies
Here is the list of the candies you can match:
- A striped candy can be created by matching 4 normal candies of the same color;
- A wrapped candy can be created by matching 5 normal cadies of the same color, in a T or L formation;
- A color bomb can be created by matching 5 normal candies of the same color which are vertically or horizontally;
- Combine two stripped candy, wrapped candy or color bomb candy in order to create a special candy.
Are you stuck on a level?
Sometimes you will get stuck on a certain level, you can then use charms or boosters to help you ass the level. You can get them by interacting with your Facebook friends or by buying them with real money. This is the easiest way to pass levels.
Chocolate – In the early levels of the game, chocolates are blockers which can multiply. Some levels will start with a set of chocolates and for every move that doesn’t clear a chocolate, another one will spawn.
Chocolate Fountain – They don’t appear until the level 156. They are different than Chocolate blockers, since they can “regenerate” even if there is no Chocolate left on that specific level.
Bombs – These bombs can be very annoying and might make you lose the game. This blocker can be removed if you match it with another colored candy.
Meringue – This one will look like an ice-cream, and it is quite easy to handle. You can simply clear it by using a special candy.

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