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App can change your nail colour in seconds!

So you want to change your nail paint everyday but don’t have enough time or patience? Worry not, a new app can take care of that. The new concept puts tiny screens with a wireless connection on each nail, allowing patterns to be instantly changed from an app. Each nail is a small screen, complete with power source and wireless communication system. Designs are selected via an app, and then synced to the nail.
Users can choose from designer nails, or create their own. An app is used to choose a pattern, which is then sent to the nail, changing it instantly.
The screen has a day’s power, and must be recharged overnight.’Bloom your nails’ is a set of wearable devices. Users can replace the patterns and design via a mobile application,’ Gin Lee, a Taiwanese student who developed the concept, was quoted as saying. ‘Users can upload their own designs and even sell them to other users,’ Lee added. The nails include wireless chips allowing them to communicate. At night, the nails are simply removed and recharged for another full day’s wear, Daily Mail reported.
What kind of disorders could lead to unhealthy nails?
Certain conditions, mental and physical, could be the cause of unhealthy nails. For example, hyperthyroidism and psoriasis can make nails brittle. Old age and hormonal imbalances (caused due to menopause or menstruation) are also possible reasons for weak nails.
What am I doing wrong?
We use our hands for anything and everything — cooking, cleaning and what not. Imagine how much you put your nails through! Our nails might seem hard and strong but they are in fact more permeable than our skin. When you use strong cleaning agents like phenyl or detergent, you invariably expose your nails to a lot of harsh chemicals. Artificial nails, which are hugely popular these days, could also harm nails and cause infections, especially if you have nails that are already weak. Prolonged and regular use of nail polish removers or nail hardeners also tends to weaken nails.
Unhygienic habits like using dirty socks, wearing shoes or sandals that are too tight or walking barefoot in a dirty environment can cause infections. Beware of unhygienic conditions in nail salons while getting a manicure or pedicure because they could spread viruses and bacteria too. And  yes, not to forget that notorious habit of biting nails!
What kind of nail diseases are out there?
Fungal nail infections (which are contagious) can lead to crumbling or distorted nails and can be treated with anti-fungal medications. Paronychia is a type of infection that causes swelling near the nail area and occurs due to bacteria or fungus that enters the skin through a tear. Other type of nail problems includeOnychorrhexis (dry, flaky nails that break easily) which affect those who have to immerse their hands constantly in water; Pseudomonas infection (a bacterial infection caused between the nail and nail bed or an artificial and natural nail) which becomes worse in the presence of moisture and may result in discolouration or the nail coming off all the way; Psoriasis, which results in pitted nails that often crumble or separate from the nail bed. Read more about Tips for healthy nails
With inputs from IANS

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