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What to grow in a container garden

What to grow in a container garden (Thinkstock photos/Getty Images)

Here are some plants that you can grow in containers and pots, for your very own container garden

Containers are easy to maintain and can give you excellent produce if taken care of. Here are a few plants (some surprising ones) you can grow in these small spaces.

1. Apples - Yes apples! They may grow on trees, but with a little TLC and thorough research you can grow your very own apple orchard in a small container. The one thing you need to take care of with them is constant temperature control, but again, moving containers is very easy. So with a little extra effort, your container garden can flourish!

2. Figs - They are delicious to eat and what better than to have a home produce of them! Figs are small and can easily fit in your backyard, porch or patio. They are not fussy feeders either. But they need a little extra love and warmth in cold temperatures. The best thing about growing container figs in that they can grow in plastic, clay or wooden planters or containers too.

3. Bananas - Bananas are large plants to grow in a pot, but there is a variety of dwarf bananas that do not grow to be very big. These have short but shiny thick leafage and need warm surroundings to flourish.

4. Cucumbers - They are probably one of the easiest container veggies to grow. Since they need a lot of water, plastic container are advisable. Ensure that you make drain holes to avoid root rotting. A loose soil mixture which has been drained once and is moist, works great to grow cucumbers.

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