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What You Need To Know About iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

They say when it rains, it pours, and right now, it is raining good news at the Apple headquarters in California. Think you’re ready for an iPhone in gold? Then, may the drum roll begin!
What You Need To Know About iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C
Some shrewdly guessed that Apple had a low cost model of its premium range in the offing; others went out on a limb and conjured up images of the metal casing that the seventh generation phone would possess. And when Tim Cook finally took to the stage at Apple’s annual press conference, the world collectively skipped a beat; not only did he reply in the affirmative to all the heated speculation, but he also conjured an amazing processor out of his hat. How amazing? To the tune of 56 times faster than its predecessors; that amazing.

The Good: After its grand unveiling a couple of months ago, iOS7 is finally prepped for its grand debut; Apple’s OS that had been screaming for a revamp finally got remodeled into a sleek design last June. Ditching its earlier 3D design, Apple’s new offering will now sport a simpler visual interface; one that you can experience for yourself post September 18 when it will be available for download; albeit in select countries. 

The Better: A new OS definitely calls for a new phone to try it on, and all queries to that end are answered by the company’s much touted follow up to iPhone 5 – The swanky new iPhone 5S, which now comes in a plethora of cool colors such as champagne gold, silver to ‘space grey’. And for those who are writing it off as a minute upgrade to its predecessor; here’s what you ought to know: Called Touch ID and neatly embedded in the Home button; the iPhone 5S boasts of a fingerprint scanner, one that promises to type a full stop to your girlfriend’s snooping trips into your phone.
Apart from freeing you from the mundane chore of typing complicated passwords; Apple’s new baby will feature the supersonic A7 chip, with graphics that reportedly work 56 times faster than the original iPhone which debuted in June 2007. Featuring a standard 8 megapixel camera with the promised dual LED flash and better battery life, iPhone 5S is expected to go under the hammer at a price of   $199 for the 16 GB version, and a cool $100 more for its 32 GB version.

The Awesome: So what is the mini cherry on top of the regular cherry on the sundae of awesomeness that was Apple’s conference? Well, Tim Cook has finally caved into the frantic pleas of our wallets and has launched a cheaper model of the iPhone that doesn’t require you to rob a bank. Make way for the iPhone 5C, Apple’s premier foray into the low range market; one that comes decked in a joyous rainbow of colors, including lime green, pink, blue, yellow and white.

Boasting of a 4-inch LCD screen with a resolution that runs to the tune of 1136x640 pixels and 326 ppi, iPhone 5C borrows many of its features from the iPhone 5S’ palette, with the two phones clocking in the same display features. At 4.65 ounces, iPhone 5C might weigh a bit more than its predecessor the iPhone 5 which measured in at 3.95 ounces, but the $99 price tag that the 16 GB version comes at means that you won’t be hearing the end of this one anytime soon!

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