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Top 10 Gadgets a Teenager Should Have

In this tech-savvy world there are a lot of gadgets available and slowly we have allowed these gadgets to become an integral part of our lives. We can’t deny the fact that we are slowly becoming over-dependent on these gadgets, but this has not only affected the grown-up but the younger generations too.  Few of these gadgets are such hot properties that teenagers can’t even resist themselves but there are few gadgets which even their parents accept, as they have become common commodities in this ultra-modern world. Let us just deeper to find out about these 10 gadgets which every teenager should have


Plugging your headsets to the music player and listening to some good music can always make your mood better. For the present generation headphones are gadgets not only used for listening to music but much more. Many use Bluetooth headsets while driving as it allows hands free conversations and safer driving. Headphones are also used for video chatting and gaming for better sounds. These uber cool gadgets portability allows teenager to take it anywhere they want and listen to music without disturbing others. They just might be an extension gadgets to our mobiles or music players but have become one of the must have gadget for a teenager.


E-Book Reader or E-Reader is a device or gadget used for reading e-books. An e-book in hand can reduce the burden of carrying books along with you, as a single e-book can store hundreds of books, magazines, journals and periodicals in digital format. E-Book Readers can also connect to internet using Wi-Fi and its built-in software allows the user to purchase, sell, burrow and receive e-books through the e-Reader library. An e-book reader can also have a memory card slot which allows us to carry even more books at a time. Its portability, readability even in sunlight and high battery life makes it a must have gadget for reading on a drive as a cool  status quo rather than holding a book.


Data cards are used for connecting to the internet through PC or Tablets. By using data cards we can not only browse internet but also download and upload big files which aren’t possible due to weaker Wi-Fi connections. Also its portability allows most of the teenagers to carry it everywhere to access high speed Internet and moreover in remote places where there isn’t any Wi-Fi or LAN’s, Data cards saves us from being bored and stays us connected to our friends. Along with above stated advantages, it’s also secure compared to Wi-Fi and LAN connections. Although they are just used along with other gadgets but still they are an indispensable gadget in a teenager’s life.


We all love listening to music as it soothes our mind and refresh our minds. Having your own music player allows you to have your own playlists of your favorite artists or bands, and playing them wherever you want. These music players got a facelift with the introduction of iPods as they have become a sense of pride and fashion. With new generation iPods enabled with all the features of a mobile couple with its sleek design, storage and portability makes it an important gadget in our teen life.


How can a teenager not have a camera of his own, for anyone to relive their past memories what’s better than having pictures showcasing those memorable incidents. If you’re out with friends for a tour then having the modern, sleek and stylish camera in hand can’t get any better. Even though some of the higher-end Smartphone’s are being incorporated with high quality cameras but still the quality of images produced by camera are unrivalled and that’s what makes it a must’ve gadget for a teenager.

Portable DRIVES

Data is the most important thing in the present world and the gadgets storing those data have become more and more important. With the use to Portable Drives we can access our data anywhere we want. Not only its portability but also its affordability has made it desirous gadget to be in our shelf. With these becoming more and more compact and allowing us to store more and more has helped its cause and moreover sometimes our data in our PC can get corrupted and in those cases storing our data in these things is advisable as it minimizes the risk of losing data, and so it has become a necessity in teen life.


Who can live a life without Gaming gadgets, it a passion of every teen to have those awesome consoles and play the action packed games which can pump you up and initiate an adrenaline rush. It is beyond doubt that gaming has become integral part of teenager existence and is a must for killing their idle time. Even though lappy’s and phones tend to satisfy few gamers but for pure gaming experience it just has to be a console which can produce graphics for ultimate gaming and there aren’t any other gadgets in the market and that’s why it makes our list of must’ve gadgets in teenagers life.


Which teenager want to have a watch just for watching time and so the tech world came up with Smart Watch. Smart Watches has liven up to its reputation of being smart and have been enhanced beyond the functions of time keeping as they can also be used for texting, GPS navigation, calculating and also taking pictures. Some higher-end Smart watches feature full mobile capabilities such as calling. All in all they are mini smart phones. These Flashy, colorful and stylish gadgets are the industry’s trend which has caught on the attention of many teenagers as a must have gadget in their collection.


Laptops are the gadgets which every teenager would like to have in their backpack although few of them have been displaced due to Smartphone’s but laptops are more preferred as they are powerful to perform all the operations without any hitch during any work unlike Smartphone’s. Because of its availability in all price ranges and portability has made it gain more popularity in recent times. Also laptop variants such as Netbooks, Notebooks and Ultrabooks have been introduced to cope with different kinds of peoples. As few may like a laptops mostly to surf and in that case Notebooks or instead few would like to have light weight lappy’s then Ultrabooks come out into the fray. That’s why Laptop makes our list.


Mobiles are nowadays like oxygen for the teenagers simply their life is in those 4-5 inch gadgets. These gadgets allow you to socialize and stay connected to your friends and family. The evolution of mobiles has made it more dependable as we can use it for various things like GPS navigation, stream online videos , listening to music or playing games just name what you need mobile have everything  and you can access all these things with a single touch. With the introduction of phablets and tablets these gadgets have become more appealing for all age groups but importantly have become must have gadget in our teen life.

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