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Rumour Roundup: Top Gadgets of 2012!

Forget tame things like wireless charging and battery issues, 2012 saw the rise of a new species of self proclaimed tech experts who veered the rumours into a whole new dimension of #facepalm.
Rumour Roundup: Top Gadgets of 2012!
So you thought that long, protracted legal battles were all that ailed Apple and Samsung this year? Well, when the two tech giants weren’t at each others’ throats, they were trying to tackle a different problem altogether!
So you thought that long, protracted legal battles were all that ailed Apple and Samsung this year? Well, when the two tech giants weren’t at each others’ throats, they were trying to tackle a different problem altogether!

When a technology conglomerate as gigantic as Apple or Samsung announces a new release, the crazy speculation is bound to start building up months in advance. While Nokia and Sony managed to scrape by lightly, Apple and Samsung, this year, ended up bearing the full brunt of the Rumour Brigade. 

iPhone 5 (September, 2012)

The fifth addition to the prestigious Apple family, iPhone 5 created a record of sorts before it even released; the phone apparently received over two million pre – orders within 24 hours of its announcement!

What The Rumour Mills Said It Would Be: Months before the iPhone 5 was even announced, self-proclaimed tech experts absolutely swore that Apple had required a patent for Gorilla Glass, which would make the new iPhone literally unbreakable. Even as another group of tech gurus knowledgeably prophesized that the Apple researchers were working on making the phone flame retardant.

What It Actually Was: Though the Apple innovators decided to give the concept of fireproof screen a wide berth this time round; the iPhone 5 lived up to every Apple fanboy’s dream with its slimmer, higher-resolution, 4-inch screen and the LTE – compatible iOS 6. As one tech critic raved, “Pick your benchmark and you'll find Apple's thin new weapon sitting at or near the top.”

Samsung Galaxy SIII (May, 2012)

Following a development phase that extended over eighteen months, Samsung’s Galaxy SIII was unveiled in May and proceeded to sell over 20 million units within 100 days of it release!

What The Rumour Mills Said It Would Be: As early as January, our news feeds were flooded with reports about how Samsung planned to wipe Apple off the smartphone scene with its specially developed, ultra thin flexible OLED screens. Which basically means that you can bend the phone from the middle or fold it into neat little parts and it won't break.

What It Actually Was: Samsung Galaxy was touted as the next big thing, but no one had any idea truly how big until they got a load of its 4.8 inch screen. The foldable screens (and the bogus tech experts) were of course nowhere in sight, but SIII managed to pack in a treasure trove of features that made it a talking point for months.  One tech critic swooned, “Samsung Galaxy SIII is the Ferrari of Androids with its impossibly slim and light casing and a quad-core engine, the gorgeous HD Amoled screen and quality 8-megapixel camera.”

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (September, 2012)

Ever since the Galaxy Note series started to fly off the racks, it was just a matter of time before Samsung upped the ante with a successor. 

What The Rumour Mills Said It Would Be: The Note II wasn’t released until late September, which of course meant that all crazy speculation started six months in advance. While some were worried that the new Note would feature a 6.3 inch OLED screen (which makes it just 0.7 inches shorter than a tablet); others were convinced that Samsung would drastically slash its prices and fulfil our dreams of an affordable phablet.  

What It Actually Was: The Note II was declared a hit on release and was immediately conferred with the title of #1 Smartphone of the year, although ‘affordable’ didn’t make it to the phablet’s long list of attributes. Leading tech magazines awarded the smartphone an 8.5/10 rating and one of them went on to add, "the Note II is an unambiguous upgrade over its predecessor and can even challenge the Galaxy S III for the title of best Android device!”

Now do excuse us, while we attend to yet another tech guru who claims that Samsung Galaxy SIV has secretly been released in Korea, where it’s being used under the code name ‘Project J.’

Ridiculous rumours apart, which gadget got you hooked this year? Tell us in the comments!

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