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Looks, smell enough for guys to impress date

Looks, smell enough for guys to impress date

You don't need to become a meterosexual Adonis to floor your date. 

Besides ample doses of charm and wit, all you need to make that good first impression are a few simple thumb rules to keep in mind. Here's the five-step dummy's guide to be Mr Cool.

So, the girl you were dying to take out has finally agreed and you're looking at the big date-night, hoping it all goes well. If you can get the basic grooming right, things could go better than you imagined. You don't need to become a meterosexual Adonis for this. Just basic hygiene will see you through fine. Here are five quick tips to ensure that you look your best for that day.

If you have a date after work, take time to do a clean shave and lose the 5 o'clock shadow. When you're sitting close at a table, a badly done shave is amplified tenfold. So, do a nice clean job and it will have you looking fresh. If you sport a beard, it doesn't mean you can do without the grooming. Do trim out the odd strands, because it just looks clean and shows you took time to make an effort.

While it's important to smell good, let it not appear like you marinated yourself in perfume. Use deodorant right after your bath. And when you're dressed up, you can spray perfume. Be sure to keep the amount you apply to under six sprays for strong perfumes, and eight for milder ones. Make sure to dab some on key areas like under your ears, on the chest and across the wrists.

Nasal hygiene
How would you feel, if your date has a thick long hair dangling from her chin? Unappealing, right? It's the exact feeling women get when they see a little bunch of tumbleweed-like hair sticking out of your nose. So, keep a nose hair trimmer at your disposal. Plucking them could be painful and trying to shave it off with a razor may cause a nosebleed. Try using nail scissors. But don't remove them all off.

A simple trim could help you look clean and presentable. Even if it's not time for your monthly haircut, or you like to sport longer locks, just getting the barber to remove hair around your neck, will give you a pleasant look.

If you have nails longer either than or equal to hers; two things could happen. You could give her a complex, or gross her out and come off as a lazy guy who couldn't bother to trim his nails. Besides, its a part of normal day-to-day hygiene to clean them. But if you're past that date, take two minutes and cut and trim your nails.

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