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How to protect your skin in this heat

How to protect your skin in this heat

Summer's here. It's time to bring out the hot pants, spaghettis, and summer dresses. It's also a time when your skin demands a careful regime and ample protection from the sun.

Sun damage causes wrinkles, premature ageing of the skin, dryness and many other skin problems, if left unattended. UVA rays penetrate the deepest layers in the skin and promote skin aging, while UVB rays penetrate the upper layer. Together, these rays cause damage to the skin. Here are some skincare tips:

- Select a sunscreen that suits your skin type. In case the sunscreen triggers sensitivities or rashes or breakouts, switch to mineral sun blocks. It is also important to check the SPF (Sun Protection Factor). It indicates the length of time you can stay in the sun.

- People with oily skin should avoid using SPF higher than 20. It overloads your skin with chemicals and adds to oiliness. Use water-based moisturisers for oily and acne-prone skin, Salicylic acid based face cleansers are also good for you.

- It will be good for your skin if you can avoid sun exposure between 10 am and 3 pm. Wear protective clothing and choose fabric that won't itch, scratch or overheat (preferably cotton). Wear a hat to protect your facial skin and wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. Avoid makeup and spraying perfume on your skin as they can permanently stain your skin when they react with the sun.

- Drink plenty of water as dehydration results in dry skin, frown lines, spots and lack of glow. Also, eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. A diet rich in flavonoids and antioxidants will help to ensure a healthy and glowing skin.

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