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How to enjoy motherhood

How to enjoy motherhood

Motherhood is one experience a woman needs to enjoy because of the intangible joy involved in the process.

The road to maternity is one such precious experience that not only comes with the perks of becoming a mother, but also has the onus of bringing up a baby responsibly. Here's how first time mothers can enjoy motherhood:

Gear up for sleepless nights
Now that your labour of love is in your lap, it's time to brace yourself up since you will be round the clock almost awake to meet the feeding needs of your baby. Mentally prepare yourself for feeding and nappy changing sessions.

Keep a book by your bedside
This will let you relax and unwind. As your system is now exposed to the unusual sleeping patterns since the feeding frequency will be more during the initial months, you might find it difficult to sleep immediately after your baby has gone off to sleep. So reading your favourite book or magazine helps you relax.

Pamper yourself
It is not that 24X7 you will have to be at your baby's service. When the baby is asleep, you can get some home spa experience. Hire a beautician who can visit you at home and can provide foot spa, head massage, manicure, pedicure services etc.

Visit your gynecologist
After delivery, follow up visits to your gynecologist are a must. Your body must have witnessed so many changes that make it imperative for you to take care of your health while you enjoy your newly acquired role.

Don't treat motherhood like a task
Don't get worked up if your baby keeps you awake till the wee hours. If you are up and about by 3 in the morning owing to feeding sessions, worry not. You can enjoy a serving of ice cream or shrikhand and enjoy watching repeat telecast of your favourite TV serial.

There are ways to enjoy motherhood and one must always enjoy because it's a special feeling.

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