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How to Be Desirable

Improving your success in life may boil down to choosing the right friends, mates and partners. Your physical appearance and personality traits play a large part in how desirable you are to new people. Review the best ways to optimize your desirability before your next night out or next job interview.

Method 1 of 2: Personality Desirability

  1. 1
    Be relaxed. A carefree attitude is very desirable, because so many people feel stressed and worried. They desire relationships that are positive and wo
  2. 2
    Be passionate about something. Employers, family members, friends and partners appreciate someone who has life goals. Whether it’s work,
  1. Method 2 of 2: Physical Appeal
    Give thought to your appearance. Don’t leave the house with wet hair, sweat pants or with mismatched socks. Generally, a few extra minutes ironing a shirt, shaving and combing your hair will improve your desirability.
    • A 1997 scientific study found that “self-care” factors had more influence on attractiveness than height, body type or other unchangeable attributes.[1]
  2. Be Desirable Step 2.jpeg
    Foster a sense of style. Invest in clothing that fits your body. You don’t need to buy “sexy” clothing, but both men and women respond to people who are self-aware and present themselves well. [2]
    • Make sure you are dressing your age and accentuating your best traits.
    • If you need help with this step, ask a person who’s style you like where they get their clothes. Ask someone of the opposite sex what looks best on you when you go shopping.
  3. Be Desirable Step 3.jpeg
    Exercise. A person who exercises shows discipline and an interest in health.
    • If you are a woman and you want to work out in order to maximize your desirability, measure your waist circumference and your hip circumference. Divide the former by the latter. Aim for a decimal below 0.8, which is a sign of an hourglass figure.[3]
    • If you are a man and you want to work out to maximize your desirability, aim to have a higher waist to shoulder circumference. Many women and men find a triangle torso more desirable than a flabby midsection.
  4. Be Desirable Step 4.jpeg
    Value your health. Desirability in a mate has its roots in finding a healthy partner for procreation. Eat a healthy diet, get plenty of activity and avoid habits like smoking and binge drinking.[4]
  5. Be Desirable Step 5.jpg
    Draw attention to your lips. Use lip balm, or if you are a woman, use red lipstick. In a social setting, plump, red lips are attractive and sensual.[5]
  6. Be Desirable Step 6.jpeg
    Give the appearance of wealth. An expensive watch or nice coat may attract someone who is looking for a good provider. Although this might not be a lasting connection, it can lead to more options for partners.[6]
  7. Be Desirable Step 7.jpeg
    Have good posture. Standing up straight with your shoulders back projects confidence, physical health and height. Consider consulting a physical therapist if you find it hard to change your posture on your own.

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