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Heard of the high heel and pizza workouts?

People can try anything in the name of fashion, and well, fitness too...

Stretches, sit-ups in stilettos
Workouts, where women don elevated footwear as they perform different exercises, have became quite popular. Here, you do lunges, sit-ups and squats in heels. The idea is that as the centre of gravity shifts forward, one has to use controlled movements and learn to balance, thereby apparently awakening even smaller muscles. But this is risky and podiatrists have come down heavily on the trend as heels cause ankle sprains, joint pain and more.

Want to indulge in some 'Pizza-cise'?
Hate sweating it out on the treadmill and love eating pizza? Then, this is for you. Another zany trend now combines the two in a 'pizza-cise'! This a workout video, with one part being a cooking show and the other 'pizzercise'. Created by Natalie Ung, the pizzercise aims to get folks fit-savvy through moves like 'dough rolling', 'the cheese sprinkle' and 'the pizza toss', which involves doing a few dance-exercises while baking. Remember this next time you get cooking!

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