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Easy diets to lose weight

Easy diets to lose weight

Don't go for a crash diet, there are smart options to stay in shape.

For all those of you who thought opting for a celeb diet was a bad idea, hold that thought. Some celeb diet fads are actually pretty easy to emulate and follow and you don't need to punish yourself either. The guilt binge is not required because most of these diets allow you the luxury to eat smart and eat right.

22-day Vegan challenge: Going vegan is nothing unusual in these days and time, but doing it in 22 days is no mean feat. Celebs like Jay Z and Beyonce started off this trend in December 2013 and it's quite a rage in 2014. One sure shot way of cutting the extra flab. All-vegan dishes like macaroni, mushrooms and grilled corn on the cob are very healthy.

Flexitarian diet: Essentially a vegetarian diet, but you can allow yourself a meaty dish once ina while. This way you can enjoy the benefits of being a vegetarian and indulge yourself on special occasions without feeling guilty. An average flexitarian weighs 15% less than someone who's a regular non-vegetarian.

Juice detox diet: This is an extremely doable diet and most celebs vouch for it. Fresh fruits, fruit juice, smoothies made at home, salad, lean meat, organic and low fat food are just right for 'clean eating'. Although, this diet, also labeled as the starvation diet has come under fire, but if followed sensibly can help you drastically lose weight.

Ketogenic diet: A low carb high fat diet, this is stage one of Atkins diet. You have to avoid carbohydrates and eat lots of fatty food (that will cause the body to burn fats for energy).

Mediterranean diet: Lots of veggies, fish, healthy fats comprise this diet. Penelope Cruz follows this diet closely and considering she was voted 'Celeb with the hottest body' you know this is worthy of being imitated!

Paleo diet: This was the most popular diet in 2013 and is likely to remain popular this year too! A diet that is high in fibrous fruits, nuts, seafood, meat this one is supposed to be ideal to shed off some unwanted flab.

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