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Cricket T20: Sri Lanka win the World Twenty20 final – as it happened

In his farewell T20 appearance Kumar Sangakkara steers Sri Lanka to an emotional six-wicket victory over India

Kumar Sangakkara and Thisara Perera celebrate after winning the ICC World Twenty20 cricket tournament final. Photograph: MUNIR UZ ZAMAN/AFP/Getty Images


Redemption at last for Sri Lanka. The 2007 World Cup final? Lost. The 2009 World T20 final? Lost. The 2011 World Cup final? Lost. The 2012 World T20 final? Lost. The 2014 World T20 final? Won …


Here's Sanath Jayasuriya, chairman of the Sri Lankan selectors and a member of that 1996 side: "Our batting was superb under pressure. They've played very good T20 cricket throughout this World Cup."

And here's Mahela Jayawardene: "This is for all the fans back in Sri Lanka. There was a lot of emotion."

— Dileep Premachandran (@SpiceBoxofEarth)April 6, 2014

You have to be pleased for Mahela and Sanga. After so many heartbreaks, they deserve this. Two top blokes. #wt20 #IndvsSL


And now it's Jayawardene's turn.

— mike selvey (@selvecricket)April 6, 2014

Great player stood tall when it mattered for Sri Lanka. Well deserved win.


Sangakkara's team-mates are carrying him around the ground shoulder high. What a lovely moment.


Sangakkara ends unbeaten on 52, having guided Sri Lanka through those nervous waters. A brilliant innings, a minor classic. The gamble with Thisera Perera paid off, with his two sixes the ket shots. And after those four final defeats who would begrudge Sri Lanka this moment. For the first time since 1996 Sri Lanka are world champions!


Sri Lanka win the World Twenty20!
Ashwin's final over. Sangakkara slogs … and edges over the keeper for four! And a sweep also finds the rope! Sangakkara is signing off with a matchwinning knock, a tournament-winning knock. AND PERERA CLUBS THE WINNING RUNS BACK OVER ASHWIN'S HEAD!

Kumar Sangakkara celebrates. Photograph: Punit Paranajpe/AFP/Getty Images

Updated 8m

17th over: Sri Lanka 119-4 (T Perera 17, Sangakkara 43) 12 needed off 18 balls

Mishra once more. Sangakkara spots the gap in the field and manufactures a drive over the covers for four. That was quite brilliant. That leaves Sri Lanka with 23 to get from 23 balls. Perera sets himself … and carts another huge six down to cow corner. Then … dropped! Another hoik top-edges up and having made the ground Rahane can't hold on to a diving catch. This should surely be Sri Lanka's now. Surely. Surely …

16th over: Sri Lanka 104-4 (T Perera 9, Sangakkara 37) 27 needed off 24 balls

Ashwin returns. Sangakarra plays the subtlest of subtle leg glances to tickle the ball to the fine leg boundary. But then come the dots. Every time Sri Lanka look like they're going to get away, an Indian bowler finds some magic.


15th over: Sri Lanka 98-4 (T Perera 9, Sangakkara 32) 33 needed off 30 balls

How Sri Lanka would love a couple of boundaries. They get a wide from Mishra, a single from Sangakkara … AND THEN A MONUMENTAL SIX FROM PERERA! What a strike, high over long on. Then Sangakkara sweeps for four more! That could be the nerve-settler that they needed.

14th over: Sri Lanka 84-4 (T Perera 2, Sangakkara 26) 47 needed off 36 balls

Raina to bowl out. Sangakkara, looking settled, pushes for a single, then Perera follows suit. Rinse and repeat.

13th over: Sri Lanka 78-4 (T Perera 0, Sangakkara 23) 53 needed off 42 balls

Mishra beats a dubiously groping push from Perera, who is a bit of a biffer but might struggle to cope with Mishra's mystery.

WICKET! Thirimanne c Dhoni b Mishra 7 (India 78-4)

Sri Lanka are wobbling, wobbling, wobbling. Mishra returns with his leg spin. Sangakkara sweeps for a couple then cuts for another, but then Thirimanne sends a feather of a bottom edge through to Dhoni.

India wicketkeeper and captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni celebrates taking a catch to dismiss Sri Lanka batsman Lahiru Thirimanne. Photograph: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images

Updated 7m

12th over: Sri Lanka 75-3 (Thirimanne 7, Sangakkara 20) 56 needed off 48 balls
Raina once more. Singles once more. But just a couple …

11th over: Sri Lanka 73-3 (Thirimanne 6, Sangakkara 19) 58 needed off 54 balls
Ashwin and his approach like a malfunctioning robot return to the attack. Sri Lanka have the required rate down to little more than a run a ball and so are happy enough to simply milk the singles.

10th over: Sri Lanka 69-3 (Thirimanne 4, Sangakkara 17) 62 needed off 60 balls
So Jayawardene departs the international T20 arena with 24 from 24 balls. Not enough to put Sri Lanka in a dominant position. Thirimanne edges his first wide of slip for four .

WICKET! Jayawardene c Ashwin b Raina 24 (Sri Lanka 63-3)
Any other team or any other situation and you'd make the batting side huge favourites here. But this is Sri Lanka and this is a world final. Raina continues and Jayawardene plays one of the shots of the day. It was a caress to third man, a proper caress. The ball must've traveled to the boundary with a lovely warm feeling inside so delicate was his touch. But next up he's gone! This is a huge wicket! A slog-sweep goes wrong and picks out Ashwin at midwicket.

9th over: Sri Lanka 58-2 (Jayawardene 19, Sangakkara 15) 73 needed off 66 balls

Shot! Jadeja comes into the attack. Sangakkara sweeps sweetly for four then viciously for six. What a strike that was. A single from the next takes the keeper to 15 – his highest score of the tournament.

Kumar Sangakkara sweeps. Photograph: Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images

Updated 5m

8th over: Sri Lanka 47-2 (Jayawardene 19, Sangakkara 4) 84 needed off 72 balls
Suresh Raina then. Sangakkara squirts a horrible pull high into the Dhaka sky … but it drops safe. Raina rattles through the over, giving away only a couple of ones and twos. This is tightening like a tourniquet.

7th over: Sri Lanka 42-2 (Jayawardene 17, Sangakkara 1) 89 needed off 78 balls
Amit Mishra enters the fray with the game on a knife-edge. Sangakkara gets off the mark from the first ball, but Mishra follows up with five dots at Jayawardene.

6th over: Sri Lanka 41-2 (Jayawardene 17, Sangakkara 0) 90 needed off 84 balls
Sangakkara, who has scored 19 in four innings in the tournament thus far, joins Jayawardene for his farewell T20 appearance. This could be emotional.

WICKET! Dilshan c Kohli b Ashwin 18 (Sri Lanka 41-2)
Ravi Ashwin, India's leading wicket taker in the tournament, comes into the attack … and he's nabbed an 11th victim. He drags one short and gets belted to the square leg boundary by Dilshan but then a slog-sweep picks out Kohli on the boundary.

Updated 1h

5th over: Sri Lanka 37-1 (Jayawardene 17, Dilshan 14)
Interestingly Kumar continues. Dhoni is keeping his spinners back. With the man at slip taken out and the keeper up to the stumps, Jayawardene craftily edges fine for four. Then a top edge flies over Dhoni for four more. He didn't much about that, but the force seems to be with Sri Lanka at the moment. Ten from the over. Sri Lanka need another 94 off 90 balls.

4th over: Sri Lanka 27-1 (Jayawardene 8, Dilshan 14)
Mohit Sharma thumps down a bouncer … which is guided beautifully over the keeper's head for four by Jayawardene. A delicate single is flicked away from the next, then Sharma drops too short and too straight to Dilshan, who pulls hard for four more. From the next an inside edge, flashes past the stumps and down to fine leg for four more! Fifteen in all off the over.

3rd over: Sri Lanka 12-1 (Jayawardene 2, Dilshan 5)
Sri Lanka feel edgy. They know this is their's to lose. And they also know about the four final defeats. This will help – Kumar strays to Dilshan's pads and gets clipped away to backward square leg for his trouble. This won't – the ball bounces back off Dhoni's pads and takes the bails. Cue raucous noise from the crowd. He quickly tells the umpire what happens, but that sort of thing won't help Sri Lanka settle.

Updated 1h

2nd over: Sri Lanka 8-1 (Jayawardene 2, Dilshan 1)
I've just spotted that Dilshan lost a record during that India innings. The record for the most runs scored by a batsmen in a World Twenty20 tournament was the 317 scored by Dilshan in 2009. Kohli has scored 319 in this edition. Back to the present, Dilshan and Jayawardene both get off the mark from their first deliveries. Three from the over.

WICKET! T Perera c Jadeja b Sharma 5 (Sri Lanka 5-1)
This is ugly. Perera, who has been looking to hit the leather off the ball, attempts to pull Mohit Sharma's first ball but can only skew into the air. Jadeja takes the catch at mid off, which tells you how badly miscued that was.

1st over: Sri Lanka 5-0 (K Perera 5, Dilshan 0)
Kumar kicks things off for India. From the second ball of the innings, Perera pulls hard from outside off for four through square leg. That was some shot. Kumar responds well by beating him outside off then drifting one back in to his ribs then beating him outside off again.

The countdown …
… and off we go!

Sri Lanka need 131 to win the World Twenty20

We were denied what might have been one of the great cup final innings there. Kohli just could not get on strike. You can point the finger at Yuvraj (and with some justification) but the death bowling was some of the best you're ever likely to see in a T20.

— Andy Zaltzman (@ZaltzCricket)April 6, 2014

India 130-4. Just 19 in last 4 overs - their 2nd lowest in last 4 overs of completed T20 innings (18 v Pakistan in Bangalore, Dec2012) #wt20

20th over: India 130-4 (Dhoni 4)
This wide yorker plan is working like a dream. Another dot as the Sri Lanka captain Malinga beats his Indian counterpart. The next, though, is too wide. Wide wide. The next – another toecrusher – beats bat and keeper. The batsmen sprint two byes. Dhoni slogs … and misses. He has one run from five balls. Three deliveries to come. The first is dug out for a couple, the next chiseled out for a single. So Kohli will face the final ball, having faced only 57 balls despite being there since the second over. Another sensational yorker is blocked away again, andKohli is run out for 77 coming back for a second.

— Geoff Lemon Sport (@GeoffLemonSport)April 6, 2014

Dhoni swinging himself off his feet. Haven't seen India rattled like this for a long time. #WT20

19th over: India 123-3 (Dhoni 1, Kohli 76)
The captain sends himself up the order, but the batsmen crossed so it's Kohli on strike. He can only manouvre manuovre manouver work a single away. As can Dhoni. This is a great over from Kulasekera. Another wide yorker at Dhoni brings another dot. A couple more singles keep the scoreboard ticking around, but it's superb bowling from Sri Lanka again. Overs 17, 18 and 19 have yielded a grand total of 12 runs for India.

WICKET! Yuvraj Singh c T Perera b Kulasekara 11 (India 119-3)
This is probably a good thing for India. Yuvraj fails to time a huge full toss and plants it straight into the hands of the man at long off. Eleven of 21 balls. A bit of a shocker really for the India No4.

Nuwan Kulasekara of Sri Lanka celebrates after dismissing Yuvraj Singh. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Updated 2h
18th over: India 119-2 (Yuvraj 11, Kohli 74)

Malinga to Dhoni. A single. Malinga to Yuvraj. A dot. This partnership encapsulated somewhat. But with Malinga on-target even Kohli can't puncture the field. But at least he can lay bat on ball. A single off the last means he keeps the strike.

17th over: India 115-2 (Yuvraj 9, Kohli 72)

Senanayake trots in for his final over. Yuvraj, who has struggled to get him off the square, scuffs the first to a fielder and misses the second completely. The third is a difficult caught-and-bowled chance that stings the hands and dribbles away for a single. No Kohli, no party. Just four from the over.

16th over: India 111-2 (Yuvraj 7, Kohli 70)

Kulasekara returns and sends down a length ball that Kohli effortlessly dismisses over the top for six, barely deigning to look at the thing as it disappears over the rope. Then an wonderfully imperious drive through the covers brings four more. The third ball is a shorter effort … but Kohli pulls it for four, the ball just dropping over the backpeddling man at deep midwicket. Fourteen from the first three balls. Another clubbing blow straight down the ground gives him a single. Yuvraj drives for another, bringing Kohli back on strike for the final ball of the over … which is well bowled by Kulasekara, who sends down a wide yorker that evades Kohli's attempted drive.

Sachithra Senanayake of Sri Lanka dives but can't catch a six hit by Virat Kohli. Photograph: Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Updated 2h

15th over: India 95-2 (Yuvraj 6, Kohli 55)

What should India be looking at here? 160 at least you would think. Senanyake comes on for his third twirl. And it's another cracking over, just two singles from it. Yuvraj is struggling to get the ball away – his six runs have come off 11 balls.

14th over: India 93-2 (Yuvraj 5, Kohli 54)

Malinga, with three overs remaining, brings himself back in to the attack. He looks to sneak in a couple of yorkers, but Kohli steers him away to the cover boundary for a single that brings up his half-century. It's come off 43 balls. And he adds for more to that tally from the last, chopping a wide yorker down to fine third man.

India's Virat Kohli acknowledges the crowd after scoring a 50. Photograph: A.M. Ahad/AP

Updated 2h

13th over: India 83-2 (Yuvraj 3, Kohli 46)

Herath's final over. And Kohli has warmed up now – a thunking strike for six zips over long on. He moves on to 46 off 40 balls, despite being tied down for much of the innings.

12th over: India 73-2 (Yuvraj 2, Kohli 38)

Senanayake once more. Kolhi prods away a couple more dots then looks for the big hit. Once more he doesn't get hold of it, but he underhits it enough that it drops short of the man on the rope, who actually makes a very fine fingertip save to prevent the boundary. This is more like it, though – a drive timed sweetly through the covers for four.

11th over: India 65-2 (Yuvraj 1, Kohli 31)

"Is it just me who really, really wants Sri Lanka to win purely to enable Englishmen everywhere to say 'Well we beat them in the group stages so actually ...'?" writes Tom Adams. Yuvraj gets off the mark but it's the only run off a very fine over.

WICKET! Sharma c Senanayake b Herath 29 (India 64-2)

Herath yelps an appeal after thwocking Sharma on the pad. The umpire shakes his head, but next ball the spinner has his man. Sharma gives himself room, but a subtle change of pace is enough to send his drive into the hands of Senanayake as a shortish extra cover.

Sri Lankan bowler Rangana Herath celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of Rohit Sharma. Photograph: PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP/Getty Images

Updated 2h

10th over: India 64-1 (R Sharma 29, Kohli 31)

This is beginning to get a little worrying for India. Mathews is going to bowl out here. Sharma finally breaks the shackles with a slashing drive that rattles away to the cover boundary in the blink of an eye. Kohli, summoning the rage of a caged beast, flails the final ball of the over to cow corner for a huge six, doing so with the air of a man who would be quite happy never to see that ball ever again.

9th over: India 50-1 (R Sharma 23, Kohli 23)

Herath continues. Kolhi, looking a little frustrated now, skips down the track and looks to send the ball into the stratosphere but can only skew it straight at a fielder. Twice. Just three from a very tight over.

8th over: India 47-1 (R Sharma 23, Kohli 21)

Mathews returns. Sharma baseball-bats awkwardly over the top for a couple, but it's another crafty over from the seamer. Mathews now has figures of 3-0-11-1.

7th over: India 41-1 (R Sharma 19, Kohli 19)

Oh, Kohli should be back in the hutch! Herath drags one down, the India No3 pulls but doesn't get hold of it at all and the Sri Lanka captain, at short midwicket, can't hold on to the catch. It wasn't a dolly, but it was very catchable. Kohli celebrates the reprieve by skipping down the pitch and lofting a full-fat double-cream drive over the top for six.

6th over: India 31-1 (R Sharma 17, Kohli 11)

Malinga, having made an impression on the forearm of his spinner, now looks to make an impression on the batsmen. The atmosphere cranks up another notch in intensity. I think I'm right in saying that 22 of 24 deliveries against England were yorkers or attempted yorkers, but he's mixed things up a bit more as the tournament has gone on. It's enough to restrict the batsmen until the last ball of the over, which is clubbed away for four by Sharma.

5th over: India 23-1 (R Sharma 11, Kohli 9)

Spin for the first time – Senanayake into the attack. He drags down an ugly half-tracker. Sharma pivots and pulls high and handsome for a one-bounce four. Three more are tickled away off the next – that's eight of the first three balls of the over – then we nearly have a run out, with Sharma forced into a u-turn mid-pitch. A direct hit would've seen him back in the pavilion, but Malinga could only smack the bowler painfully on the wrist with his throw.

4th over: India 14-1 (R Sharma 4, Kohli 7)

Mathews continues. Kohli and Sharma work the singles again. Again Sangakkara dons the helmet and comes up to the stumps midway through the over. Three singles and three dots. Sri Lanka will be happy enough with this so far.

3rd over: India 11-1 (R Sharma 2, Kohli 6)

Kulasekara sends down a length ball outside off – Kohli, whose average when batting first in T20s is something like 60 runs fewer than when chasing, whips him away through midwicket for the first boundary of the innings. And the batsmen add to the tally with a couple of singles.

2nd over: India 5-1 (R Sharma 1, Kohli 1)

So, welcome to the World Twenty20 final Virat Kohli. He strides out with the air of a man walking into his domain, as he does every time he comes to the crease. I think the phrase you are looking for is "man-crush". He gets off the mark from the last, robbing Mathews of a wicket maiden. But that's just the start Sri Lanka wanted.

WICKET! Rahane b Mathews 3 (India 4-1)

The atmosphere out in Mirpur is, like Bob Dylan after the 1965 Newport Folk Festival, electric. And it's just gone up another notch. Angelo Mathews gets the new ball at the other end and sends down two dots at Rahane. That piles on the pressure, pushing Rahane into a big pull shot from the next. He gets a bottom edge and the bails light up like a Terminator's eyes.

1st over: India 4-0 (R Sharma 1, Rahane 3)

The often-underrated Kulasekara kicks things off the with ball for Sri Lanka. A huge roar goes up as he steams in to Sharma, who flicks an inswinger away for a single to get India off the mark. After a couple of dots, Rahane also gets off the mark thanks to a streaky outside edge that squirts square of the wicket and beats two tumbling fielders. Next up, though, he has a airy waft outside off as Kulasekara finds a little movement away from the right-hander. The last is flicked away for another single. Four from the over.

Several months later …

… the Sri Lankan anthem finally finishes. Right then, off we go!

Out come the teams

The players line up for the anthems, India first then Sri Lanka.

Meanwhile at Trent Bridge …

… Jimmy Anderson has bowled a post-lunch spell of 6-3-9-1. He's not bad at this time of year in England. You can get all the county news right here, with the live blog that is the greatest sleeper hit since Sale of the Century.

A quick history lesson

These sides have met five times in T20 internationals – India are 3-2 up thus far. The pattern is quite interesting, though –India win, Sri Lanka win, India win, Sri Lanka win, India win. It's also amazing how quickly T20 teams evolve – from the last meeting between the sides, in August 2012, six players remain from the India team and seven from Sri Lanka.

The teams

Thisara Perera comes back in for Sri Lanka, with Seekkuge Prasanna the unfortunate man to make way. That could well be simply down to the conditions. India, on the other hand, are unchanged.

Sri Lanka: K Perera, Dilshan, Jayawardene, Sangakkara, Mathews, Thirimanne, T Perera, Kulsasekara, Senanayake, Malinga, Herath.

India: R Sharma, Rahane, Kohli, Yuvraj, Raina, Dhoni, Jadeja, Ashwin, Mishra, Kumar, M Sharma.

The toss

Lasith Malinga, in his third game as captain, strides out alongside MS Dhoni, in his 3,456,239th game as captain. And Sri Lanka have won the toss. Malinga says they are going to have a bowl. So India are denied the chance to chase, and Mahela Jayawardene and Kumar Sangakkara, in their final T20 matches, will have the chance to go out on the highest note possible.

Updated 4h

Virat Kohli: multi-talented

Australia's Ellyse Perry is a dual international, having played international football for Australia as well as cricket. Judging by this picture, it looks like Virat Kohli can look after himself on the football pitch too. Nice body shape …

India players Virat Kohli and Ravindra Jadeja play football during a training session in Dhaka on 5 April. Photograph: Punit Paranjpe/AFP/Getty Images

Rainy-day reading

With play still an hour away, can I direct you to some classic cricket writing in the shape of some vintage Joy of Six pieces:

Cricket innovations: featuring the scoop, pinch-hitting and the googly
Sixes: featuring Ian Botham, Kapil Dev and Mark Greatbatch
Great forgotten innings: featuring Javed Miandad, Kim Hughes and Mark Ramprakash
Unfulfilled talents: featuring Graeme Hick, Mike Atherton andNarendra Hirwani

The toss

Hasn't happened yet – but it will be coming in about 30 minutes. It has now stopped raining. We're hearing we might see some play in about an hour.

— Simon Mann (@Cricket_Mann)April 6, 2014

Given strong hint that game will start in an hour - 7.40 local, 2.40 UK

The bad news …

… is that it's raining, it's raining tears from my eyes . It looks very, very wet out there.



It's time. No, not Vader Time. But, after 34 matches, time to find out the identity of the best T20 side in the world. Yes, yes, it's probablyIndia. But hold your horses. This Sri Lanka side have been in a state of evolution throughout the tournament and might have finally stumbled upon the right combination of huge hitting and crafty spin just in time for the final.

The problem, other than the powerhouse they're playing against, is their track record of failure in world finals. The 2007 World Cup final?Lost. The 2009 World T20 final? Lost. The 2011 World Cup final? Lost. The 2012 World T20 final? Lost. Indeed the Sri Lankans have not been successful in a showpiece occasion since the 1996 World Cup, Aravinda Da Silva and all that.

India, meanwhile, are on for the grand slam. They're reigning 50-over world champions and reigning Champions Trophy holders. This is for a clean sweep. And given the way MS Dhoni's side have played thus far in the tournament, you wouldn't bet against them …
Road to the final

India won four out of four in their group, Sri Lanka three from four, with the solitary defeat coming, weirdly, at the hands of England. Sri Lanka, having ditched their squad captain Dinesh Chandimal, Duckworth-Lewised their way past West Indies in the semi-final, while Virat Kohli was in majestic form as India chased down a daunting 172 to beat South Africa with five balls to spare.

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