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10 Celeb Waxworks That Look Amazingly Real!

Seeing as we aren’t going to come within a three feet radius of them in real life, we hunted down the next best thing!
10 Celeb Waxworks That Look Amazingly Real!
Getting immortalized in wax is a prestigious deal for any celebrity, and we can now see why. Here’s a look at ten celebs and their stunningly alike wax doppelgängers:

Emma Watson
They say magic does not exist in real life, which is sad, because we were ready to bet that Madame Tussauds’ enlisted the help of Emma’s magical past to create this stunning likeness.

Taylor Lautner
While Robert Pattinson’s replica seems to have gone seriously wrong, Taylor Lautner’s intense stare couldn’t be more spot on.

No one, not even boyfriend Simon Konecki, would be able to guess that this incredible waxwork isn’t the real deal.

Sandra Bullock
Suffice it to say that if we were to ever come across the real Sandra and her amazing waxwork in a dark alley, we’d be hard put to pick the real one.

Kim Kardashian
Seeing as we won’t be able to develop a figure like hers in this lifetime, we are glad that at least someone else has those famous curves and that sexy pout.

Kate Middleton & Prince William
While the real life Duke & Duchess are busy living their happily ever after, Madame Tussauds provided these stunning replicas so we may have a piece of royalty as well.

Nicole Kidman
Somehow wax Nicole manages to look more Nicole-like than the real Nicole.

Kylie Minogue
If you didn’t manage to make it to the concert from where this pose was aped, you can  just schedule a trip to the museum to compensate.

Hard as it may to be replicate Rihanna’s swag, this German waxwork sure had us fooled.

Britney Spears
If it weren’t for the cheekbones, we doubt there’d be any way to tell that isn’t the real Britney.

Which celeb waxwork do you think looks the most realistic? Tell us in the comments box below!

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