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Top 5 cars for women: Women's Day 2014

We list out top 5 cars that women might want to consider based on ease of driving, parking and owning
Women are getting more independent. And with independence comes the need of your own set of wheels. And in today's market, it can bea. Daunting ask to choose from  so many options and all seemingly very good. So, here's a list of top 5 cars that women might want to consider this womans day. We would like to clarify here that this list is for those women who aren't expert drivers or breath cars as passion, because for that set, taming any car would naturally. So here goes.
Maruti Celerio studio shot
Maruti Suzuki Celerio
If you are looking at a budget car this Women's Day 2014 that's easy to drive the new Maruti Suzuki Celerio would be an ideal bet. It is a car for the city; it is affordable; and crucially, it comes with an automatic option. Now this option might not be a traditional automatic but it works like one in the city and helps ease driving in traffic conditions hugely. It is also easy to see out of, has a light steering and in the VXi trim, the Maruti Suzki Celerio, is decently equipped too. It isn't a car that feels upmarket or well styled though. The Celerio looks and feels like an affordable Maruti. The engine is a 1-litre petrol, three cylinder one and it is fuel efficient in typical Maruti style. If the Celerio isn't upmarket enough for you, you might want to consider the Honda Brio or the Nissan Micra, both come with automatic gearboxes and are efficient and easy to drive cars as well.
Price: Rs 3.9 lakh - Rs 4.9 lakh
\Ford EcoSport static shot
Ford EcoSport
For women who can't relate to a hatchback anymore and are looking for something more stylish and more adventurous, the Ford EcoSport fits the bill. It's not as easy to drive as the Celerio because the steering needs more effort and the visibility both via the A-pillars and the rear windscreen is restricted. But, it has high seating which gives a commanding view of the road ahead. It is also available with an automatic transmission and unlike the Maruti Suzuki Celerio AMT, the Ford EcoSport Automatic uses a high-tech dual clutch automatic which works equally well in the city, on the highway or when driving hard on a mountain road. The EcoSport also comes with a whole lot of goodies which makes it good value for money.
Price: Rs 6.2 lakh - 9.7 lakh
New Honda City static shot
New Honda City
The new Honda City comes with diesel and petrol engines and with manual and automatic gearbox notions. But, since we are looking at ease of driving primarily in the city, we will stick with the automatic gearbox. Which means, the only engine option available in the petrol engine. It is a refined and eager engine and the gearbox - a CVT - works well in almost every situation. The new Honda City automatic is fuel efficient too. Women drivers will appreciate its interior fit and finish  and design, the feature list, its comfortable seats and the fact that these can be adjusted for height, and its quiet cabin and ride quality. It is also easy to drive and see out of, and it has the right upmarket image too.
Price: Rs 7.4 lakh - 11.1 lakh
Audi Q3 static shot
Audi Q3
It is the only  SUV looking product one can buy in the entry-level luxury space, and now with Audi having launched the Q3 S, it has moved the entry price lower still. But, we won't recommend the Q3 S for women plainly because it is a manual, and a manual with a real timely heavy clutch. So, its best to stick with either the Audi Q3 TSI or the TDI (depending on how much you drive), but with an auto box. With the Q3 the visibility is good, the steering is light and because it is an Audi, it's also well equipped, well built and comes with a plush enough aura. The Q3 has decent ground clearance and all wheel drive, so if you do decide to go on an all girls road tripto celebrate womans day for instance, the Q3 will hold you in very good stead.
Price: Rs 24.9 lakh - 59.8 lakh
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe action shot
BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe
Its' big, it's expensive and it is good looking. It conveys opulence and sportiness in equal measure. The BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe is perfect for the well heeled woman. When you want to drive, it's entertaining and fun. When you want to be driven around, it is spacious and comfortable. And when you want to be seen, well, it makes a nice enough statement. The engine is smooth and powerful; the gearbox, a dream to operate; and though it isn't the easiest car to drive, once you get on an open road, it works brilliantly. The Audi RS7 is another such car and it is faster and more manic than the BMW, but it comes across as more hardcore; a more of boy's toy than a woman's thing. And that's why the BMW makes it to this list and not the Audi.
Price: Rs 1.03 Crore

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