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Satish Kaushik: Bengali version was slower, GANG OF GHOSTS is aggressive and louder

By Joginder Tuteja, Glamsham Editorial
Satish Kaushik: Bengali version was slower, GANG OF GHOSTS is aggressive and louderFor Satish Kaushik, who has been a part of countless comedies in his stint as an actor in 100 odd films, it was clear from the very onset that GANG OF GHOSTS had to improvise a lot over the original Bengali film BHOOTER BHABISHYAT. For starters, he made sure that none of his actors underplayed their act and the film was much faster paced as well as vibrant.
"I loved BHOOTER BHABISHYAT. I think its core plotline is just fantastic. However, if you watch the whole film, it was on a slower side. That's because of the kind of milieu that Bengali films are set in. Audience too loves such ethereal movies which are soft flowing. On the other hand Hindi film market is absolutely different. It is much more commercial, aggressive and louder. That's the kind of humor which people understand here. Hence, that's the mode that I have set GANG OF GHOSTS in," says Kaushik who has also produced the film along with Ratan Jain.
In fact one of the first people to share with him a positive feedback for the approach followed in the Hindi version was Parambrata Chatterjee himself, the man who is the only common factor between both the films. On completion of the first schedule of the film, he complimented Kaushik for the manner in which he had reworked on the entire narrative and made it much more jovial and comical.
"It was so nice of him to say that," smiles Kaushik, "He is such a great actor and I loved working with him. He has played the same part in BHOOTER BHABISHYAT but for GANG OF GHOSTS he changed his entire attitude and body language. It was sheer fun to have around since he understands the medium of cinema and how to run horses for courses."
With the film releasing today, it would soon be there for public to know as well.

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