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Quick tips to look gorgeous on a last minute date

Quick tips to look gorgeous on a last minute date
Quick tips to look gorgeous on a last minute date (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images)
He is one of those who like to plan last minute surprises and spring a date on you when you're least ready for it. Well, here are a few tips that make you date-ready in minutes

Your eyes look tired, hair's a mess and face feels dull and he's just called to inform he's picking you up in 15 minutes? Here's what you can do to ensure he doesn't see the other side of you, just yet.

Brush it up - If your hair looks limp, brush it with a fine quality brush to get some luster and volume back in. Tie your hair in a sleek ponytail or make a quick bun leaving a few strands of hair down on either side of the face. Foolproof way to make sure he never gets to know what it looked like, minutes before.

The face routine - It takes exactly 5 minutes to gently cleanse your face with some cleansing milk, wash it with a good face wash and scrub off the grub and blackheads. So don't step out before doing that. If you have some time, spritz on a little rose water after cleansing to wake your skin up.

Add some drama - You don't have time for makeup, but you do have enough time to line your eyes with some kohl. This looks good on most women and it also works at hiding dry, tired eyes, giving you a fresh and alert look. Don't fret about not wearing any makeup though, bare skin is pretty awesome too.

I've got nothing to wear - Instead of wasting time on what to wear, put on something that is unlikely to go wrong like a tucked in white shirt with blue jeans and beige belt or am LBD if you're going someplace fancy. For a casual evening out, a nice kurti worn with well-fitted jeans is the safest bet.

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