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Quick guide to take car of brittle nails

Quick guide to take car of brittle nails

Brittle nails are a major worry as they break off causing a worry. Here's the quick guide. 

Nails need your attention if they are going brittle. It upsets you as it kills the look of beautifully pedicured-manicured fingers. Here's a guide to take care: 

When washing dishes, wear dish-washing gloves. 

Also, to keep your hands soft and moisturized and your nails hydrated, apply hands cream and for feet, apply petroleum jelly or natural oils (olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil), and slip on cotton gloves and socks before you go to sleep. You may massage cuticle oil on fingers. When you wake up, your hands, nails and cuticles will be moisturized. 

You may massage cuticle oil on fingers before going to sleep, it works wonders. 

Chemicals such as acetone and others found in nail polishes can take away moisture from your cuticles. Spending a lot of time with your hands in water or hot water can also soften your nails, causing them to break easily. 

Thoroughly remove any polish you might have on your nails. Clip your nails short. If you have a habit of biting your nails, quit it. Leave your nails naked, let them breathe. 

Avoid direct exposure to harsh sunlight. Cover your feet with socks when walking or commuting on two-wheelers. 

Also, indulge in a healthy diet. Specifically protein based. It will make your nails stronger.

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