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Major Mistakes of Movie 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan'


In a scene taking place during Samar and Meera's romance in 2002, a Mercedes Benz S-Class is parked outside Meera's house. However, that S-Class model was not available until 2007.
Meera's family owns a Rolls Royce Phantom and Buggati Veyron in 2002. However, the Phantom was launched in 2003 and Veyron in 2005
When at the Tube station ,after the "Ishq Shava" song, Intel Ultrabook advertisement board could be seen behind Samar. Intel Ultrabooks were launched in 2011, so could not be there in 2002.


In the entry scene of Akira, she starts undressing to perform the jump as a part of the bet .She is wearing a sleeveless top and she removes it. But just as she is about to remove her track lower, we can see silver colored sleeves of a top which obviously she wasn't wearing
At the beginning of the film, Anushka Sharma's perfect 'dry' body has been captured jumping off a small island in the middle of a lake. How did she reach the island without getting wet?
Aafter a leap of 10 years, Shahrukh looks different with a beard but Katrina looks the same. Meanwhile, Katrina and Anushka look the same age but there is an gap of 10 years between them
In a flashback scene, Katrina is shown as a British child praying in the church. It might have been deliberate to show that in real life Katrina is from a British descent; however unless she was adopted, in the film it doesn't make sense how she is a White-British but her parents are Indians

Factual errors 

During the song 'Challa', we see the lead actor dancing around a place which has the 5 rings of the Olympic Games. This scene is supposed to have happened in 2002, which wouldn't explain the presence of the emblem
Samar gets into the Indian army after the age of 25. The Indian army does not hire after the age of 25
When Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif are waiting for a train in Charing Cross station, the announcement when the train arrives says that the train is going to Stanmore. The only London Underground train that goes to Stanmore is the Jubilee line, and this does not pass through Charing Cross station.
According to Indian Army rules soldiers can't grow a beard, but Samar Anand ('Shahrukh Khan') is shown with a full beard.

Plot holes 

Anushka has never seen Katrina before, nor her Pict in Srk's diary, yet she recognizes her at once.
In the film, the British police is shown allowing a member of the public near an armed bomb, with the justification that he might know what he's talking about, but he could be the person who planted the bomb in the first place.

Revealing mistakes 

In the scene post visiting Meera's mum when Samar hands Meera coffee in a take away cup, it is evident that the way Samar was holding the cups and the way they landed upside down on the ground after Meera threw them, that there was no coffee in it.

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