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Major mistakes in Movie 'Iron Man 3'

Major mistakes in Movie 'Iron Man 3' © Aditya Prakash

According to Tony, the suits are coded only to him (with the exception of War Machine/Iron Patriot), however Pepper is able to operate the last prototype when it first comes on to her. Though this could be explained by a malfunction in the suit, near the end of the movie she is able to fire one of the arm/wrist components from another Iron Man suit.
When Igor (the big armor) is shown for the first time in the movie, the suit heads over to one of the crane's legs and stays under it to keep it from falling down but the crane doesn't fall down after all the suits have self destructed.
While Tony and Rhodey are talking to the Mandarin before getting onto the speedboat, the injuries to Tony's left eye are shown on his right eye instead.
When Pepper and Killian first meet, Pepper's ponytail changes between shots - appearing behind her back, then half over her shoulder, then behind her back again.
When Stark is talking to the press and gives out his address to Mandarin the image on the reporter's phone is the same as from our point of view, and not what the phone's camera would have seen.
When Tony Stark is giving his address to the press his blue sunglasses are not on when camera cuts to rear shot of his head.
When Brandt comes into the bar, she's seen putting her DHS badge on the table with her right hand in the close up, but with her left hand when the camera cuts away to show her.
Tony Stark removes a bottle of white wine from his wall collection of wine in his house. He places a red bottle of wine on the table and then pours red wine for his guest.
When Tony walks into the bar in Tennessee, there's a long shot of the sheriff sitting at the bar. In this shot, he is wearing a revolver on his belt, but later when Brandt takes his gun, it becomes a semi-automatic.

Errors in geography 

When Tony Stark first discovers the explosion in Rose Hill, TN, the map he views shows the town in extreme northwest Tennessee. However, later in the movie, the Miss Chattanooga pageant is taking place in what we assume to be Rose Hill. Chattanooga, TN, is in extreme southeast Tennessee, the complete opposite corner of the state.

Factual errors 

When Maya Hansen is threatening to inject herself with Extremis, she says the dosage is 1200cc. That is equal to 1.2 liters, a volume impossible to hold in one syringe.
When in the News van, Tony tells the operator to get on the roof and re-arrange the ISDNs. ISDN lines are land lines, not really used for the past ten years. Dishes would use either Satlinks or Cellular networks.
While the Extremis Soldiers can heat up metal to near liquid states, their clothing remains completely unaffected.
When Happy is in the ICU the nurse adjusts the roller clamp to the IV fluid. A pump controls the flow-adjusting the roller clamp would do nothing except shut off the medication, causing the machine to call for attention.


When Iron Man and the Colonel talks to the vice president from the boat, the vice president's mobile changes between shots.

Plot holes 

When Tony is zip-tied to the bed, he asks one of the guards the distance between Miami and Tennessee. The guard says 832 miles, which is correct for some parts of Tennessee. This means Tony's armor is ~832 miles away. Even assuming his armor travels at 1000 miles/hour, it would take his armor almost an hour to get to him, rather than the few minutes shown in the movie. Tony's armor would have to travel at almost 10,000 miles/hour to get to Tony in 5 minutes. The current airspeed record for a plane is only 2,193 miles/hour. Tony's armor, at the current airspeed record, would still take 23 minutes to get to him.


The item below may give away important plot points.

Factual errors 

 During the Air Force One scene, gunfire shatters one of its passenger windows. The actual Air Force One planes (there are two) are equipped with bulletproof windows.

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