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Major Mistakes in Movie 'Dhoom 3'

Major Mistakes in Movie 'Dhoom 3' ©Aditya Prakash


At the beginning Sahir goes to Pawn shop to sells rings when the man sees the owner offers $20. The $20 bill is a current bill not the '90s bill.

Character error 

During the first robbery scene, when Sahir is falling down from the bank building, neither his clothes, nor his hair are fluttering in the air, which is expected when someone is under such a free fall.


When Jai and Sahir are at a face-off on their bikes with iron rods in their hands, the headlight on Sahir's bike is switched off during close-up shots and switched on during distance shots.
In the auto rickshaw fight scene, Ali's bike's front tire keeps changing from Continental to Zapper.
In the bike on the rope scene, it is not possible to automatically adjust the tire pressure. when the bike is on the rope there is no air pressure in both the tires but suddenly the pressure becomes normal while the is on the road again.
In the scene when Uday chases Aamir, Uday has completely black glasses but when Aamir goes over wls his bike Uday's glasses change to blue rims and black glasses.

Errors in geography 

When Jai and Ali are walking past a train at the Chicago station on their way to the airport, when they get fired on the job, they have been shown walking past a SBB CFF FFS train (Swiss Railways). This scene was shot at the Zurich HB (Central) Train Station.

Plot holes 

The thief, Sahir Khan, was seen by several people after he had jumped out of the bank building after the first robbery scene; he rides past several policemen and traffic cameras, but nobody is able to recognise him later when he visits the police headquarters. Moreover, the pictures of his bike escape were being played on the TV screens while he was in conversation with Jai Dixit inside the police headquarters.

Revealing mistakes 

During the fight scene between Jai Dixit and the local goons, he breaks through several brick walls while riding an auto-rickshaw, but the vehicle does not even end up with a single scratch despite breaking through several solid walls


The item below may give away important plot points.


 In the last scene, when Samar dives from dam, the brothers are shown catching right hands. But while falling, they are holding Left and Right hand respectively.

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