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Looking good makes you feel good

How to Be Your Best Self
Looking good makes you feel good and does impart a sense of confidence.

The advice every single girl gets sooner or later is, “Be yourself! There’s someone for everyone.” While I do agree with this advice and am a firm believer in being yourself, because there is indeed someone for everyone, the thing that everyone seems to misinterpret is dressing up!

How often, having followed this advice, do we see women who land up to meet the new guy (or even to meet friends) looking like the cat dragged them in? While I don’t find it necessary to dress up, get a blow dry and slap on all make up available, I do find it important to be well groomed.

Trust me, looking good makes you feel good and does impart a sense of confidence that you may not be feeling. It’s the same advice as the one which says, “Smile at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that you are fabulous.” I say, dress well in clothes that suit you, ask the advice of friends, have your hair shiny and clean and that smile in place and see how you feel.

And let’s face it – when did you last get attracted to a guy dressed like he didn’t care if he looked presentable or not? At the risk of being politically incorrect, most people want to talk to people they find attractive. Take note next time you see two guys - one looks clean, well groomed and attractive and the other not well groomed, hair uncombed and unshaven...which one do you move towards? And after that make use of the advice or discard it.

Just remember, as girls, there’s great joy in dressing up, knowing you look good and receiving compliments. Go ahead – try it!

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