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Get an instant makeover

Get an instant makeover

Bored of the old you, here's how you can change your look in a jiffy.
So you've had same boring look all your life and are ready to experiment a little and surprise (or shock) people with a new look but there isn't much time on hand. Here's what you can do in a matter of hours. 

Get a haircut - A haircut is an extremely powerful thing. It can completely change your look in such a way that people might not even notice its you initially. This can happen when you make the slightest change too. So when you get a makeover, get a new haircut, something you've never done before. Like bangs or fringes.
Buy some new clothes - Once you've had a haircut, you need to wear something that you've never done. So if you've always been the jeans and t-shirt kind of person, try going for a well fitted kurta and leggings or Patiala salwars and accessorize with bangles for an Indian look. Similarly if you've always worn traditional stuff, now's the time to flatter your body and buy a pair of jeans and a chic looking top.
Salon makeover - You can ask your salon lady to help you here or look it up on the net. Go for a different shape of eyebrows. This too can dramatically change your look. So if you've always had curved brows, go for arched this time.
Cleansing - Scrubbing and cleansing can make a lot of difference than you think. Use a good quality scrub, since you don't have time for a prolonged facial, to get off the dead skin and black heads so your skin looks clear and fresh.
New shoes - If you've always worn flats, its time to step up and get a new pair of heels. Not very long, but just a slight elevation will make you feel good and complete your transformation too!

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