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Futuristic fashion: Dress like a Divergent


Love the looks of Tris and the other faction members (sexy Tobias included)? Get inspired by their uber cool fashion and rock a Divergent style to the movie this opening weekend.

Beatrice Prior (Tris)

Intelligent and somewhat of a social rebel, Tris dresses in mostly black attire, just like the rest of the gang in Dauntless faction. Fearless and very brave, her style is both bold and athletic, just like her.
Dress like a Divergent: Beatrice


Tris' BFF and ally, Christina is a true Dauntless member. Strong and confident, she remains a vital source to Tris as she learns her way around her new home. Like any BFF, Christina plays it cool in comfortable athletic gear while kicking butt in training and in friendship.
Dress like a Divergent: Christina


A tattoo artist and Tris' aptitude test administer, Tori is as cool as they come. Overcoming her fear of the dark, this Dauntless member is as awesome as they come. Having a rebel attitude and rocker chic persona, her style is cutting edge and totally hip.
Dress like a Divergent: Tori

Jeanine Matthews

Highly intelligent and anti-Divergent, Jeanine Matthews is all business. The leader of Erudite, she takes herself and her cause against the Abnegation very seriously. Sophisticated and smart, she keeps her sleek style strictly professional.
Dress like a Divergent: Jeanine Matthews

For you guy: Tobias Eaton

A rebel with a true cause, Tobias is a true noble leader and instructor in Dauntless. Nicknamed "Four" due to the number of fears he holds, Tobias is strong and willing to become all that he can be. As a trainer, it is important that he not only be comfortable, but look admirable as well. (And by admirable, we mean hot)!
Dress like a Divergent: Tobias

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